The Seller Finance Coalition was formed in February of 2014 to advance the interest of the Seller Finance industry. The Seller Finance Coalition (SFC) was created to protect the seller finance industry's small business owners from overregulation from Washington as well as to undo the unintended consequences stemming from both the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Licensing (SAFE) Act and the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection (Dodd-Frank) Act that threaten the Seller Finance industry.

The members of the coalition specialize in the creation and acquisition of mortgage notes and investment in all types of real estate. They purchase performing, sub-performing, and non-performing mortgage notes.


The proposed Seller Finance Enhancement Act (H.R.1360) would amend the Dodd-Frank Act to allow up to 24 seller-financed transactions per year without the need for the seller to be licensed as a mortgage originator.

Additionally, H.R.1360 would require the Treasury Department to study the low value housing market over the next 3 years and report back to Congress with suggestions for steps to improve the sales and financing of these homes.

H.R.1360 does not remove any of the safeguards related to these transactions. Seller financiers must still comply with “ability-to-pay” portions of Dodd-Frank, as well as interest rate rules and the ban on balloon payments.

Highclere Group, LP is a member of the coalition.

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Coalition members at Capitol Hill, July 2017
Mahmood Motani - Manager, General Partner of Highclere Group, LP